Welcome Spring

With Our Wellness Center Renewal Specials

Custom Spray Tan $20- savings of $15
Look your best for Spring break and prom photos with our Norvell Venetian spray tan.

Facial Fillers- Save as much as $200
Shed 10 years from your face!
The more units you purchase, the more you save: Buy two units and save $100, or $200 with third unit.

MicroNeedle – 3 treatments $699 – savings of $201
Minimally invasive yet maximally effective in stimulating collagen production, reducing pore size, smoothing lines.

ThermiVa- 3 treatments $2,100 – savings of $900
The non-surgical solution to restore and revive your feminine wellness.

HURRY; Special pricing only good through June 30, 2017.
Reserve your ‘you time’ today by calling 314.292.7080.

Women’s Health Specialists Expanded by Opening its Wellness Center

filling the niche between a medi-spa and a pampering spa offering and extends the medical practice’s approach to caring for the total woman.

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The Wellness Center Foundation is Achievement of Peak Wellness

Dr. Teresa Knight, Ob/Gyn, founder, and CEO, says, “While we can’t always control the disease process, we can take total control of our wellness. We can optimize our health through a combination of traditional medicine and ancient healing wisdoms. It’s like the missing chicken soup that our grandmother’s used for healing.”

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a cornerstone service of the Wellness Center and long-time specialty focus for Dr. Knight. “It’s an often misunderstood component of vitality for women as they age. We show women how they can flourish using bio-identical hormones in the peri-menopausal years and beyond,” she says.

Additional Wellness Center services include Health Coaching by Certified Health Coaches, Skin Care by a licensed esthetician, Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care.  We’ve carefully selected the top providers in each category, and designed the physical space for comfort to include six treatment rooms.

Counter_1559A dual relationship with the Wellness Center and medical office is not required for client service. The Wellness Center services are available to everyone, not just WHS patients.

With the practice expansion, Dr. Knight emphasizes Women’s Health Specialists core mission, “We help women maximize and preserve their wellness in whatever life stage they are in. Being both healthy and well are too often exclusively separate states, but here we bring it all together.”

WHS in the News

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    Ready for Baby

    Ready for Baby

    Dr. Teresa Knight shares some tips on how to prepare for your first baby, and advice about dealing with the Zika Virus in St. Louis, appearing on Great Day St. Louis, April 03, 2017. KMOV.com
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    Exercise and Women’s Health

    Exercise and Women’s Health

    Dr. Teresa Knight explains some simple ways for women to exercise good hygiene, appearing on Great Day St. Louis, March 13, 2017. KMOV.com As it gets warmer outside we are going to be shifting our exercising to the outdoors, and ultimately if we are running, biking, or exercising we are going to have some chaffing.
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    Emerging from Stuckness

    Emerging from Stuckness

    "Embrace the possibilities that come from change. Transformation can be  joyful." --Weight Loss Coach Gayle  When we think of ways we want to improve our lives, optimism and good intentions are usually abundant. Plans for weight loss and promises to exercise more are ubiquitous, especially when we embark on a wellness journey. Unfortunately, resolutions for
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    The Joy of Movement

    The Joy of Movement

    Intro video from Health Coach Gayle Research tells us that most people underestimate how much they eat and overestimate how much physical activity they get. If making time for regular exercise is a challenge, then a shift in thinking can prove helpful. Too often, perceptions of exercise start from a place of negativity and shame.