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“I came to Dr. Knight after exhausting a lot of so called remedies, weather it was homeopathy, or from my then Gynecologist. I was unable to sleep, focus, and had terrible moods swings. Although I had been thin all my life, I gained weight even after exercising 5 days week at a gym and trying to stay active on the weekends. I felt depressed and exhausted. After some research and a couple of appointments with Dr. Knight, my whole life turned around. I felt energetic, my mood totally changed (for the better) and I was finally able to lose weight and feel good about myself again. The Bio-Identical Hormones that Dr. Knight prescribed for me has definitely made my quality of life so much better. I get the feeling that everyone genuinely cares about me and my well being when I visit the Women’s Health Specialists of St. Louis whether it be Dr. Knight, Deanna, or anyone in the office. If anyone is looking for a new physician, look no farther, Dr. Knight is the best there is!” ~Rhonda Adams

“I’ve never looked forward to going to the doctor. I have to say I am so happy right now and look forward to getting help. Thank you Dr. Knight and your wonderful staff.” ~Carly R.

“Everyone we have come in contact with at WHS-STL has been so kind. So helpful and patient, always willing to spend the time with you to answer any questions!”  ~Kara S.

“Okay, so I’m gonna be real with y’all… I haven’t been for a well woman’s exam since my scare in 2009 (and also I haven’t had insurance…Thanks Obamacare :) ) Anyway, I was so nervous, but the office staff and medical assistant are WONDERFUL!!! And Dr. Eastep is AMAZING!!!! She was caring and very sweet! Thank you so much! I feel so much better knowing I have found someone I can trust!” ~Christina G.

“Hands down THE. BEST. DOCTORS. Dr knight has so much to offer women. If you need an amazing caring Doctor I tell you run don’t walk to see her. I wish I knew her 8 years ago before a male Gyn ruined me. She has improved my life so much. She has a heart and spirit for what she does. I adore her. Make an appointment now.” ~Melissa T.

“Last but not least Dr. Sillas is THE BEST DOCTOR IN ALL OF SAINT LOUIS to me! I definitely like the other doctors as well and they all come in as if I have been their patient forever. They are so nice and warm, I just honestly could not have picked a better office. None of the doctors there look a bit over thirty years of age and I always like to see who I am seeing next because they all look so young and refreshed!  I could not have picked a better OB office than this one, I feel sorry for anyone who goes anywhere else. Between my fiancé and my job, I am sure they are sick of me ranting about this office. I recommend this office to any and every one I see, even if they look half way through their pregnancy !!!!  I just want to say thank you so much to everyone there for making my experience extremely wonderful.” ~Alicia G.

Going through the change of life is part of being a woman. If you are not feeling like yourself…reach out to get help through the transition. Check with Women’s Health Specialists to know what your options are and then decide. Life is to be lived with joy! ~Linda W. (patient)

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    Ready for Baby

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    Exercise and Women’s Health

    Exercise and Women’s Health

    Dr. Teresa Knight explains some simple ways for women to exercise good hygiene, appearing on Great Day St. Louis, March 13, 2017. As it gets warmer outside we are going to be shifting our exercising to the outdoors, and ultimately if we are running, biking, or exercising we are going to have some chaffing.