Women’s Health Specialists offers lactation support for those women who are breastfeeding. Our office Doula, Tonya Gaither, is also a Breastfeeding Counselor.

There is a common misconception that breastfeeding is natural and should therefore be easy. Not always so! Getting lactation support from the start can help get that breastfeeding relationship off to a great start.

Your baby’s latch is very important for the transfer of milk, as well as for breastfeeding without pain. The suck needed for breastfeeding is very different from bottle feeding. Their tongues make a wave/ripple motion which expresses the milk, if they do not have enough breast in their mouth, they can smash your nipple to the hard palate on the roof of their mouth making it very painful. When they have a great latch, the nipple is placed far enough back in the baby’s  mouth so that she effectively expresses the milk without pain.

A typical counseling session would last about 30 minutes to an hour. During this time your baby’s latch will be evaluated, there will be discussions on any issues that you may be experiences and ways to resolve those issues. While often just one session is enough to get things moving in the right direction, you can always come back for a follow up and further evaluation and help can be provided.

Make an appointment now to come in for a one on one support session. Your baby’s latch can be evaluated and tips can be given to help ensure that you and your baby are off to a great start!

This video, from Global Health Media shows why good attachment is so important to breastfeeding success and what a mother can do to deeply attach her baby to her breast.

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