• Success Mantras For Weight Loss

    Success Mantras For Weight Loss

    A mantra is an effective way to reinforce new patterns of thinking and make a mindset shift toward daily choices that better support our health. I want. I can. I will. is a foundational mantra we encourage coaching clients to repeat often as it holds so much power. Let’s break it down… I Want TheRead more
  • Medicinal Food

    Medicinal Food

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates Blueberries are one of nature’s “super foods” that become more plentiful (and affordable) as summer approaches. These beautiful, plump blue gems are filled with antioxidants, probiotics, fibers and vitamins ~ they are a powerhouse of nutritious, disease-fighting nutrients. Dr. Amy Howell, a nutrition researcher at RutgersRead more
  • Weight Loss Struggles

    Weight Loss Struggles

    If you are feeling stuck or struggling for traction on your weight loss goals, we hope you'll consider these benefits of partnering with our WHS wellness center weight loss/health coach. Everyone deserves to feel happy, love their physical selves and enjoy good health! Accountability We all begin with strong determination to shed unhealthy weight; stayingRead more
  • Getting HealthiER Is Empowering

    For many people, the idea of getting fit (exercising, eating healthy foods) seems like a chore, something that (sigh) needs to be done. Giving-up favorite foods or drinks, finding time to exercise during a busy day, eating more vegetables (yuk) or choosing healthy options (tastes like cardboard) are accompanied with a grit-your-teeth-and-do-it attitude. A simple

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  • Emerging from Stuckness

    Emerging from Stuckness

    "Embrace the possibilities that come from change. Transformation can be  joyful." --Weight Loss Coach Gayle  When we think of ways we want to improve our lives, optimism and good intentions are usually abundant. Plans for weight loss and promises to exercise more are ubiquitous, especially when we embark on a wellness journey. Unfortunately, resolutions forRead more
  • The Joy of Movement

    The Joy of Movement

    Intro video from Health Coach Gayle Research tells us that most people underestimate how much they eat and overestimate how much physical activity they get. If making time for regular exercise is a challenge, then a shift in thinking can prove helpful. Too often, perceptions of exercise start from a place of negativity and shame.Read more
  • License to Indulge

    License to Indulge

    "I can resist everything except temptation" ~ Oscar Wilde We are wired to choose "bad" food in times that we've also eaten good food - a tendency researchers call the "licensing effect." If you select a kale salad for lunch then follow it with a brownie for dessert, you're likely experiencing this common phenomenon. SubjectsRead more
  • Resiliency Examined

    Resiliency Examined

    Resiliency is the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions, to bounce back wiser, stronger, and more empowered. Who doesn't want to have more of that? In matters of health and successful weight loss, resiliency can be the key to success or failure when we are knocked off course by stress or injury.Read more
  • Commitment vs. Interest

    “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses – only results.”– Ken Blanchard Rock climbing is an extreme example of commitment ~ being merely interested can lead to trouble! But the message resonates at

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  • Small Steps=Big Results

    With New Year resolutions often come grand ideas ~ big commitments, bold promises, ambitious strategies. And yet, research shows that about ten percent of us actually see these resolutions through past the first few months.  How are you doing with your goals?     Our brains are hardwired to resist repeating complex, difficult, or painful events. So

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