• Get Unstuck with Weight Loss Coaching

    Get Unstuck with Weight Loss Coaching

    If you are feeling stuck or struggling for traction on your weight loss goals, we hope you’ll consider these benefits of partnering with a weight loss/health coach. We offer one to you through our WHS Wellness Center; our way of providing “Care for the Total Woman.”  Everyone deserves to feel happy, love their physical selves

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  • Your Healthiest Year Ahead

    Your Healthiest Year Ahead

    As the year ends, our thoughts naturally turn to appreciation and reflection—celebrating highlights of the year and hoping for an even brighter year ahead. Work on personal self-care routines and physical health are high on many women’s list of New Year resolutions. Sadly, studies find that less than ten percent of resolutions actually take hold–

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  • Stop Shoulding on Yourself

    Stop Shoulding on Yourself

    We all know we should exercise regularly. We should eat healthy food. The problem with ‘shoulds’ is they are rooted in guilt and negativity, neither of which are effective for sustainable behavior change. Success comes when we link our desire to change with a deeply held value. Finding that value and tying it to a

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  • Today’s Choices Ripple

    Today’s Choices Ripple

    “ Life is a perpetual instruction in cause and effect.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson It’s easy to forget that every choice we make in our health behaviors has long term effects. For example, the food we eat is either used for energy or stored longer term as fat. Research shows the average weight gain forRead more
  • Owning Your Change

      “I can affect change by transforming the only thing I ever had control over in the first place and that is myself.” ~ Deepak Chopra One of the key aspects of effective personal change is owning that change. When it comes to our health, we are often quick to blame outside causes for our

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  • The Love-Hate of Exercise

            Why do some people love to exercise, and others hate it? Research suggests that some of us are hard-wired to like it more than others ~ it’s in our DNA. Others, such as social scientist Emily Balcetis, believe that the difference lies in our perspective of exercise, and, by extension, our

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  • Is Your Mind Fixed for 2016?

    “I don’t divide the world into the weak and the strong, or the successes and failures…I divide the world into the learners and non learners.” ~ Dr. Benjamin Barber   According to Dr. Carol Dweck (Mindset, the New Psychology of Success), there are two kinds of mindsets: fixed and growth.    A fixed mindset believes our qualities are

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