Women as Givers

Women as Givers

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day which officially commemorates the women’s rights movement.

I invite you to celebrate all that it means to be a woman and also to raise your awareness of the all-too-common trap I see get the better of many women I support as a whole health coach:

We give too much, except with ourselves

Our natural care-giving ways keep our families together and healthy and our communities strong. But this strength of ours can also be our weakness– and ultimately our nemesis– if we’re not paying attention.

When we’re continually giving to and caring for others, our own self-care can easily fall-off our priority list. Our health declines quietly in the process. Chronic stress takes a toll and we might turn to food for comfort instead of for nourishment. Weight gain and a lifestyle of little regular exercise wears us down and compounds our stress. Here’s the thing …

Self-care is not selfish. It’s vital.

When our ‘cup’ is full (i.e. our health and wellbeing is in balance thru regular self-care), we are able to give more fully to others.

So send some love to yourself on a daily basis through nutritious food choices, proactive stress management and regular movement. Your future self and loved ones will thank you.

To your good health!

Coach Gayle

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