Regular Exercise: Healthy Weight Fundamental #5

The fifth of nine fundamentals for maintaining a healthy weight is regular exercise.

While it’s well-known as a tool for shedding unwanted/unhealthy pounds, it’s so much more. We’re not able to effectively ‘out-exercise a poor diet,’ but exercise can effectively help us reach an ideal body composition (i.e. muscle-to-fat ratio). It’s powerful for promoting a healthy mindset, too. When we feel good, full of energy and strong, we are more inclined to make healthy food choices to support that.

Remember that we have to make time for being active; generally, no one finds time to exercise.

Many of my clients are surprised to learn the minimum for not being considered sedentary is 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity in a week. When we break this down to 30 minutes of activity five times weekly, it can feel like an achievable goal. Two hundred minutes per week or more, considered the ideal level to promote weight loss, requires more effort.

Note that at the top of the list of exercise benefits is its effectiveness for controlling how we age. Being sedentary is like a rusting old car parked idly in a field. Being regularly active also reduces our anxiety and our likelihood to turn to food to relieve stress. There are simply too many benefits of regular exercise to list them all here. So here’s a simple summary:

If the benefits of exercise were available in pill form, it’d be the most prescribed medication on the planet. But there’s no elevator to success; we have to take the stairs!

To your good health!

Coach Gayle

Certified Weight Loss/Whole-Health Coach
Certified Fitness Trainer
Women’s Health Specialists Wellness Center

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