Healthy Weight Fundamentals

Healthy Weight Fundamental

# 3: Pantry Purging

“Purge your pantry” is third on my list of nine fundamentals for getting to and maintaining a healthy weight.

I extend an invitation to all my new clients to critically review their kitchen food staples when they begin a whole health coaching program. The resulting purge signals a foundationally positive shift for those wanting to make improvements in how they fuel their bodies.

When our kitchen pantry, freezer, cupboards and fridge are dominated by processed foods (i.e. foods most commonly high in sugar, salt, preservatives and unhealthy fats) that are low on the nutrition scale, we are likely to consume that food. This is especially true when we are overly hungry, stressed and/or pressed-for-time.

Healthy eating truism: We eat what’s convenient and in-sight

Conversely, we set ourselves up for healthy eating when we plan ahead and fill our kitchens with foods high in nutrition and closest to their pure, unprocessed form. Whole grains; beans and legumes; fresh, dried or frozen fruits and veggies are the recommended focus to meet the guideline of making at least half of our diets to be comprised of plants.

When our pantry resembles this,healthy food choices become infinitely easier!

A memorable guideline to consider:

Food that mostly comes from plants best supports our nutrition and health– not food made by a plant/factory.

To your good health,

Coach Gayle

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