Health Deposits

Our physical health rests on a foundation built by our daily food choices.

If you find yourself questioning spending more for high quality, whole foods, consider reframing your thoughts.

View your food choices as deposits in your long-term health account.Think of the time you spend planning healthy meals and preparing them yourself as investments in your well-being.

Packaged and convenience food, while easy and often tasty in the short-term, comes with a price that often isn’t immediately evident. With long ingredient lists filled with chemicals and preservatives, packaged foods are also commonly high in sodium and sugar that quietly erode our health.

When we consider over time the true price of eating unhealthy food as the cost of medical tests, medications and missed opportunities for being fully engaged in life due to compromised health, the long-term impact can feel like bankruptcy.

Choose your food thoughtfully. The choices we make most of the time for self-care (i.e. food, sleep, exercise and stress-management) is what matters most.

To your good health!

Coach Gayle

Certified Whole Health Coach & Fitness Trainer

WHS Wellnes Center


Note: If you are struggling to maintain a healthy weight, eat cleanly or be physically active, consider partnering with a whole health coach for one-on-one support and accountability in getting to a healthier place. A 15-minute no-obligation phone consultation is the next step. Get in touch to arrange yours today.

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