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If they can do it, you can do it.

We often shine the spotlight on people who, with a little help from their friends at WHS Wellness Center Health Coaching, have come unstuck on their journey to better health and sustainable weight loss. Please read beyond the headline and impressive photo transformation to gain inspiration from deep-rooted changes these Real Life Health Heroes achieved. Perhaps we can feature your transformation some day!

Mel J, 208 lbs and sedentary

Before Coaching

  • Vitals: 208 pounds, BMI: 31.62 (low end of Grade II obesity range)
  • Started 20-week group health coaching program with Coach Gayle in February 2017. Extended with a group maintenance program for ongoing accountability and support.
  • ‘Before’ behaviors: Mostly sedentary, hesitant to get on floor to play with kids (difficulty getting up), low daily energy rating of 2 (of 10), eating a few pints of ice cream every week.

Mel J. 49 lbs lighter, with Coach Gayle


  • Vitals: Shed 49 pounds (!) to 159 lbs, BMI 24.17 (now in the ‘normal’ and healthy range)
  • New behaviors: Regular walking and strength training, daily energy self-rating of 9 (up from 2) and overeating much less frequently, enjoying occasional healthier indulgences such as Halo ice cream.

“Working with a coach has been life-changing. After a life-long struggle with my weight and countless fad diets, Coach Gayle has given me the tools I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m making better choices about food and exercise daily, and with her help I’ve managed to lose 49 pounds in 8 months. I feel better than I have in years!”—Mel J *

To your good health!

Coach Gayle

Gayle Wilson Rose

Certified Weight Loss/Whole-Health Coach
Certified Fitness Trainer
Women’s Health Specialists Wellness Center

PS If you’re struggling to improve your health and maintain a healthy weight, consider partnering with a certified weight loss/health coach for accountability and one-on-one support. Get in touch to arrange your 15-minute no-obligation discovery conversation to find out if coaching is the missing piece in your weight loss and wellness puzzle.

“That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.”–Abraham Lincoln

* Disclaimer, In accordance with FTC guidelines, we are reminding you this testimonial was volunteered; your experience and results may differ.

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