Tighter abdomen after pregnancy

Dr. Phillips Pregnancy Portal,
There are so many things to read and buy and do for moms before, during and after pregnancy. Here are a few things that Dr. Phillip’s has appreciated personally and/or recommends for her patients:

NPR article
“This is HUGE! There are physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, etc who can try to help all of the ailments that persist after pregnancy and delivery. Lower back pain is most often the greatest concern. This article though is amazing and the research behind it is well-done. I am optimistic that this will spur further research and programs for women to be proactive in regaining their core strength and thus minimizing their chronic pain. Lets not ignore though, that we would all love a tighter abdomen and to fit back into our pre-pregnancy clothes… I love that these exercises can be done independently at home or potentially in a group class setting. I will be in pursuit of classes or programs here in StL for my post-partum moms, concentrating on the same type of strengthening and exercise. This is something worth integrating into your life. Learn the exercises and then do them during otherwise mundane times of your day. While baby is doing “tummy time”, you can be doing your own!

npr.org; Flattening The ‘Mummy Tummy’ With 1 Exercise, 10 Minutes A Day

This follow up article is fantastic as well, illustrating the specific movements and encouraging pelvic floor exercises at the same time. I agree that this is always of benefit. While this article is also responding to criticism that there is not strong enough study evidence that this will absolutely fix more severe diastasis, I feel confident in recommending these exercises to all of my patients. None of these exercises will be detrimental for you and rest assured, I will be personally trying to do them throughout my day as well!

npr.org; Getting To The Core Of Exercises Said To Strengthen ‘Mum Tum’

A video message from Dr. Pillips about strengthening your abdomen.

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Women’s Health Specialists of Saint Louis

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