Portion Distortion

Portion control is the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy weight. As portions in restaurants have become larger over time, not only has obesity become an epidemic, but our everyday reference point for what constitutes a serving of food has become skewed as well.

Being a habitual reader of nutrition labels is a key step in controlling portions. Eating from smaller plates and bowls can also help us feel more satisfied with less food. Here’s a simple guide when considering the caloric content of food and serving sizes:

  • Low calorie: about 40 per serving
  • Moderate calories: about 100 per serving
  • High calorie: more than 400 per serving

These tips can be helpful for controlling portions when you’re eating out:

  • Share an entrée to save calories
  • Instead of an entrée, select a healthy appetizer or two or a few side-dishes
  • Get a to-go container when the food arrives and portion-out what you’ll save for a later meal before you even begin eating.

To your good health!

Coach Gayle

Gayle Wilson Rose

Certified Weight Loss/Whole-Health Coach
Certified Fitness Trainer
Women’s Health Specialists Wellness Center

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