Good Health Has No Season

Many of us look to the calendar for inspiration to modify our health care routines, such as upping our exercise habits in anticipation of swimsuit season or making a New Year’s weight loss resolution. But the reality is that good health is built on a foundation of choices we make daily, not by tying our health to a rollercoaster of seasonal efforts.

That said, the mid-point of a year is a perfect time to reflect on the progress we’ve made with our health and weight loss goals. Celebrating successes is an important part of making changes, so no matter where we are in our journey, giving ourselves credit for our efforts is critical and positively reinforcing.

In our everyday dietary, exercise and stress management choices, we hold the power to make the difference between leading an active, healthy life or one that’s filled with doctor visits, medication regimens and physical limitations. Poor self-care over years directly contributes to an estimated 85 percent of the chronic illnesses we might have to contend with. When we’re fighting disease, our ability to enjoy everyday life activities is diminished. And this extends beyond our physical selves; our health impacts our whole family.

Regardless of where we are in our health improvement efforts, we own the power to change for the better. Today’s efforts can lead us closer to the healthiest, most vibrant versions of ourselves.

To your good health!

Coach Gayle

PS If you’re struggling to improve your health and maintain a healthy weight, consider partnering with a certified weight loss/health coach for accountability and one-on-one support. Get in touch to arrange your 15-minute no-obligation discovery conversation to find out if coaching is the missing piece in your weight loss and wellness puzzle.

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