Change is Complicated

“We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing.” ~ Dr. Henry Cloud

Changing our behavior is complicated. Hard. Frustrating. One reason is because we often charge into the progress without understanding the steps we need to take to assure success. Skipping these steps will trip us, often leading to a fall. More frustration follows.

There are 5 stages of change, based upon Dr. James Prochaska’s Theoretical Model of Behavior Change. They are…

  • Precontemplation (not ready)
  • Contemplation (thinking about it)
  • Preparation (preparing for it)
  • Action (doing it)
  • Maintenance (keep doing it)

The Mount Lasting Change Pyramid model, developed by wellness expert Margaret Moore, takes these 5 stages into consideration, but adds a foundation of Vision & Values. It looks like this:

  • Vision: Why does your health matter? How is it connected to your values? What is your vision for your most healthiest self? How responsible are you for your health?
  • Preparation: What goals are you willing to pursue? Are you just interested or are you committed? How confident are you that you can achieve these goals?
  • Action: What do you need to do to achieve your goals? How will you problem-solve to meet the inevitable challenges? How does your mindset need to change?
  • Results: This level focuses on strengthening those behaviors that produced success: a new mindset, increased self-awareness & self-efficacy.

As a weight loss/health coach, I acknowledge that change is not an orderly progression up these steps to the top. It can be messy, off-track, confusing, and frustrating. But this pyramid framework offers a structure, a kind of touchstone, that one can return to for clarity and progress.

To your good health!

Coach Gayle

Gayle Wilson Rose
Certified Weight Loss/Whole-Health Coach
Certified Fitness Trainer
Women’s Health Specialists Wellness Center

Note: If you’re struggling to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, consider partnering with a certified weight loss/health coach for accountability and one-on-one support. Request your free, no-obligation 15-minute phone consultation to discover if coaching might be the missing piece in your weight loss puzzle.

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