Breakfast Makes Champions?

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ is a mantra we’ve heard for years. Does eating breakfast really boost metabolism and encourage weight loss? Are people who skip breakfast at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease? Research says no. Here’s a good recap:

There are many benefits to eating breakfast. A healthy breakfast can provide fruit, whole grains, fiber, and many nutrients that might not be in featured in other meals. It can prevent impulsive junk food decisions such as donuts. Eating a healthy breakfast can also stabilize blood sugar levels that prevent spikes in hunger. (

Our metabolism, however, is not dependent upon eating breakfast or any meal. Metabolism is the rate at which we burn calories at rest. The best method to boost metabolism is to strengthen muscle through exercise.

So if you are a person who is not hungry in the morning, then go ahead and skip breakfast. Just be sure that you eat something nourishing when you begin to feel hungry. Don’t wait until you’re overly hungry and grab whatever is in reach. If you are a breakfast eater, choose the healthiest options available ~ organic fruits, fiber-rich whole grains, low-sugar/low-fat dairy products.

Consider your first meal of the day as a way to set the stage for a day of making healthy food choices. Here’s a sound guideline to follow:
Select food your body will use as fuel and not store as fat.

To your good health!

Coach Gayle
Certified Whole Health/Weight Loss Coach
WHS Wellness Center

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