Out-Exercising Your Fork

You Can’t Out-Exercise Your Fork

The calories we “burn” in exercise are usually overestimated, and the calories we consume in eating are often underestimated. Physical activity alone is not enough to encourage weight loss. This is the conclusion reached in a number of studies. It is difficult for the average exerciser to expend enough calories to offset a high-calorie diet. Athletes training for competition can do it, but most of us, not so.

Dieting alone is also not as effective as dieting with exercise. Exercise helps maintain muscle which helps maintain metabolism, it burns calories above daily usage, it can relieve stress (which often leads to overeating) and it stimulates hormones that make us feel positive and energetic. We then become motivated to continue with healthy behaviors. It can be an upward spiraling effect.

View exercise as your “bonus” and enjoy it for the myriad benefits it provides, and not as an opportunity or license to eat more or indulge in empty calorie ‘treats.’

From a math perspective, remember this simple ratio: 80/20

About 80 percent of our weight loss efforts are affected by what we eat and about 20 percent by how we move.

To your good health! 

Coach Gayle
Certified Weight Loss Coach & Fitness Trainer
Women’s Health Specialists Wellness Center
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