Exercise and Women’s Health

Dr. Teresa Knight explains some simple ways for women to exercise good hygiene, appearing on Great Day St. Louis, March 13, 2017.


As it gets warmer outside we are going to be shifting our exercising to the outdoors, and ultimately if we are running, biking, or exercising we are going to have some chaffing.

For chaffing from biking, Chamois Butt’r, designed for the cyclist, which is like a gooier Vaseline (but don’t use Vaseline, it will not easily wash out) that is applied directly to the skin, it is pH balanced and for both women and men. It reduces friction and chafing and most serious cyclist use.

Staying dry is also important, wet clothing promotes yeast growth, so try not to linger in wet swimsuits, biking shorts, or exercise clothes. Also a moisture barrier like Chamois Butt’r or vaseline will help to keep the moisture off our skin.

The Vagania cleases itself, so don’t wash away the good bacteria soap, just wash with water, and allow the body to naturally keep itself balanced and clean. Avoid douches, like soap they can wash away the healthy bacteria, and even push infections higher into the genital tract.

The bacteria in the vagina is similar to the bacteria in the intestinal tract and emptying a probiotic capsule on a damp washcloth and then patting this onto our bottoms we can re-introduce the good bacteria to your vagina, here as taking probiotics orally never will make it the vagina.

To your well being,
Dr. Teresa Knight

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