Emerging from Stuckness

“Embrace the possibilities that come from change. Transformation can be  joyful.”
Weight Loss Coach Gayle 

When we think of ways we want to improve our lives, optimism and good intentions are usually abundant. Plans for weight loss and promises to exercise more are ubiquitous, especially when we embark on a wellness journey.

Unfortunately, resolutions for change are challenging for us creatures of habit. Long-held, unhealthy habits are hard to break and replace with healthier, affirming behaviors. How do we stay on-track?

We make hundreds of choices every day about how to care for ourselves: the food we eat, the physical activity we engage in, how much we sleep, how we hydrate and how we manage stress. Making shifts from choices that don’t support our health to more life-sustaining healthy choices takes patience and commitment. Support from those in our environment can play a key role as well.

Fear of change is a common obstacle in a path to getting healthier. Rationally, we tell ourselves we want to change and need to change, but connecting the head and the heart isn’t easy.

When we make promises to change, but don’t follow-through, confidence in our ability to change heads south. When we stop trying because of our diminished confidence, a new kind of ‘stuck’ emerges.

No matter where you are with your desire to improve and transform, belief in your capacity to change is critical. Opening oneself to the boundless possibilities of joy that comes from transformation, no matter how scary it may seem at first, is the critical first step.

We don’t need to see the whole staircase before taking the first step.

To your good health!

Coach Gayle
Certified Weight Loss Coach & Fitness Trainer
Women’s Health Specialists Wellness Center

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