Stop Shoulding on Yourself

We all know we should exercise regularly. We should eat healthy food. The problem with ‘shoulds’ is they are rooted in guilt and negativity, neither of which are effective for sustainable behavior change.

Success comes when we link our desire to change with a deeply held value. Finding that value and tying it to a positive, life-affirming reason to get to a healthy weight, for example, creates a motivation that can push us through inevitable temptations.

People as diverse as opera singers and athletes work with professional coaches to help them improve and succeed. Coaches help clients discover their strengths, strategize around obstacles, and find the inspiration to be the best they can be. As health coaches, we encourage clients to shift
from a carrot/stick mentality to developing a mindset that changes how they perceive themselves.

“I can do this, and I want to do this, because I’m the kind of person who behaves this way.”

As our clients begin to see themselves as healthy, they make lifestyle choices that evolve into lasting change.

When you work with a coach, you become  accountable for your actions. You learn to take responsibility for your choices, and, as a result, experience empowerment. Your confidence soars. As does your success.


Key questions to ask yourself about your health include:

Is my life in a balanced state?

Am I happy, optimistic, energetic and strong?

Am I satisfied with the shape of my body?

Do I have stamina for a walk in a park with a friend?

Do I feel confident and proud of my appearance when I enter a room?

If you’re not your best self, consider partnering with one of the WHS Health  Coaches to become a champion of your own life. Call 314-292-7080 today to arrange your no-obligation 15-minute consultation.  All you have to lose is unhealthy weight! 

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