Gutter Cleaning for Pastries


Here’s what it takes for a 150 pound person to burn off this 880 calorie “treat”

Running on the treadmill for one hour at 7.5 mph, 2 hrs. straight of vigorous weight lifting, 2 hrs. of shoveling snow by hand, 2 hrs. of high-impact aerobics, 2.7 hrs of walking & playing golf, 1.5 hrs of singles tennis, 2 hrs of carrying a 16 – 24 lb infant upstairs,  1.5 hrs. of water jogging, 3.5 hrs of general housecleaning, 4.7 hrs. of cleaning rain gutters, 7 hrs. of ironing, and 3.2 hrs. of power yoga.

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It is often surprising how many calories are in the foods we eat. Once eaten, our bodies will either use the calories or store them. If the calories come wrapped in fiber, as in an apple, they are processed by the gut slowly with the nutrients extracted and the fiber eliminated (good for the colon.) If the food is already processed, with the fiber stripped away (think white bread, pastas, desserts) the body can quickly store it as fat.


So the next time you smell the waft of the Cinnabon in the mall or airport, consider this: do you really want to spend 4.7 hrs cleaning gutters?


To your good health! 

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