• MARCH 23, 2016
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    Stop Shoulding on Yourself

    Stop Shoulding on Yourself

    We all know we should exercise regularly. We should eat healthy food. The problem with ‘shoulds’ is they are rooted in guilt and negativity, neither of which are effective for sustainable behavior change. Success comes when we link our desire to change with a deeply held value. Finding that value and tying it to a

    • MARCH 11, 2016
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    Gutter Cleaning for Pastries

    Here’s what it takes for a 150 pound person to burn off this 880 calorie “treat” Running on the treadmill for one hour at 7.5 mph, 2 hrs. straight of vigorous weight lifting, 2 hrs. of shoveling snow by hand, 2 hrs. of high-impact aerobics, 2.7 hrs of walking & playing golf, 1.5 hrs of

    • MARCH 8, 2016
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    Today’s Choices Ripple

    Today’s Choices Ripple

    “ Life is a perpetual instruction in cause and effect.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson It’s easy to forget that every choice we make in our health behaviors has long term effects. For example, the food we eat is either used for energy or stored longer term as fat. Research shows the average weight gain for