The Love-Hate of Exercise

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Why do some people love to exercise, and others hate it?

Research suggests that some of us are hard-wired to like it more than others ~ it’s in our DNA.

Others, such as social scientist Emily Balcetis, believe that the difference lies in our perspective of exercise, and, by extension, our health ~ difficult or easy to attain? (

Balcetis’ research concludes that for those with strong motivations and goals, the finish line of achievement is closer and the work to get there easier than for those who don’t keep their “eyes on the prize.”

our bodies can change how far away that finish line looks, but people who had committed to a manageable goal that they could accomplish in the near future and who believed that they were capable of meeting that goal actually saw the exercise as easier.”

So if you don’t like to exercise, try on a few of these strategies to get you going:

  • Write down why it’s important to you and post it somewhere you will regularly see it. (Eyes on the prize.)


  • Choose something you sort-of-like-to do (walk? a gym class? swim?) and set a defined length of time to do it ~ start with a short, achievable duration.


  • Work with a personal fitness trainer and/or health coach.Guidance and accountability can make a big difference.


  • Accept the fact that you loathe exercise, but applaud the fact that you are going to do it anyway! (And you’ll love the results.)

To your health!

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