Real Life Transformations

Each January, we look forward with optimism and hope to the promise of new beginnings.

We hope that we’ve inspired and informed you for the past few months about caring for your health.

To kick off the new year, we want to share two real life stories (below) of how health coaching helps people get to a better place.

The first step if you are in need of help in reaching your health goals is simple:

Get in touch with us for a no-obligation consultation with one of our health coaches to see if coaching’s

one-on-one support and accountability can help you make a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle in 2016.

Cheers to a happy, healthy 2016!

The WHS Health Coaches

From size 14 to 8;Brenda’s Story

Brenda W, 51, struggled with her weight all her life. She tried numerous diets, losing weight and gaining it back with regularity. She decided to try health coaching as a “last resort,” believing that she needed help and support if she was going to be successful. She was certain that another extreme weight loss approach like Medifast would not sustain her long-term.

Brenda weighed 205 lbs and wore size 14 pants. Her life revolved around managing a demanding business and a family. She rarely made time for exercise and took medication to manage anxiety. She ate mostly processed, high fat, high sugar food on the run. With the support of health coaching, Brenda developed a clear vision of what she wanted her future health to look like. She identified her strengths, her resources, and her motivations. Weekly goals supported her long-term goals. Weekly health coaching sessions provided accountability for reaching her goals.

Brenda identified an eating plan that would support weight loss, but more importantly would be a new shift of lifestyle behavior that would sustain her into the future. Her new eating plan became a way of life. It was based on healthy choices, not deprivation, and was tailored to her eating preferences. She began an exercise program that was challenging but realistic for her. Two 15-minute walks a week became three walks. 15-minutes became 30 minutes. 30 minutes morphed into 45-minutes twice a week, with an additional 30-minutes once a week. When she started, she found little enjoyment in exercise. Now she looks forward to it as her self-care routine and ‘me time’.

Results: After 6 months of health coaching, Brenda weighs 39 lbs less than when she started and wears size 8 pants. Her optimism and energy have soared. She is confident and proud of her achievements, and has integrated new lifestyle behaviors that will continue to support her as she continues towards her goal weight.

“With Coach Gayle, I learned to make better choices for my health. I’m happier, healthier and so grateful.” —Brenda W

Brenda is fit and 39 lbs lighter with health coaching

Brenda is fit and 39 lbs lighter with health coaching

Brenda at 205 lbs

Brenda at 205 lbs

From Sedentary to Active and Healthy; Chris and Erika’s story

Chris and Erika J., both 46, wanted to get to a healthier place, but battled unhealthy lifestyle habits that included sedentariness and habitual overeating. Erika fought her weight since childhood then after their children were born, her weight continued to creep upward. Chris had been ‘the pudgy kid’ all his life. Hovering around 300 and 200 lbs respecitively, they were experiencing many pains and taking too many medications to manage them.

Erika’s favorite pastime was reading, and though Chris taught Tai Chi, he knew he needed to get more active and be a healthier role model for his pupils. Their nightly habits of snacking and drinking were ingrained. With health coaching, they turned their lives in a much healthier direction. Their new favorite hobby is walking and they look forward to doing it together every day. Their stamina has grown steadily. Chris prepares most of their plant-based meals at home and when they do eat out, they make healthier choices, share entrées and rarely order dessert. When Erika travels, she and Chris plan healthy snacks so she can avoid the trap of gas station junk food meals that she used to rely on for energy and distraction.

With a combination of clear visions of wellness, weekly and daily goals to slowly eliminate self-defeating habits, they made major changes over time. Behavior tracking guides help them stay focused on their wellness. Their lifestyle choices are transformed. Erika is more determined than ever, with a mix of consistency and patience, to reach a healthy weight (she’s down 26 lbs.). Together, with sustainable changes, they know they will get there.

Chris now weighs 30 lbs less— the same as when he graduated high school. He recently purchased a much slimmer wardrobe (33″ inch waist pants down from 38″)—happily donating his too-large clothes to charity.

“Coach Gayle is very supportive; not overwhelming or pushy. She provides helpful, timely and easy-to-follow suggestions that have really made the difference in our transition to a healthier lifestyle”- Chris and Erika J.


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