WHS adds Doula Services- Welcome Tonya Gaither

Tonya is a certified labor and birth doula and is also a postpartum doula and a lactation counselor. Along with courses in continuing education, she relies on experience as a mother of 5 in her care of mothers. Tonya’s personal history includes birthing with an epidural, naturally, and 60 months of breastfeeding spaced over the 5 children. Her passion is to come along side families, supporting them through the amazing time of welcoming new life from pregnancy, through labor and birth and into postpartum.

Her journey to becoming a doula began through the birth of her own children. After experiencing a traumatic birth of a premature baby and the postpartum time following his birth, her following 2 pregnancies were approached with more fear than interest in the process of birth. After the third baby was born, she had a radical shift of mind as to what her body was able to do and what she was capable of in the process. Delving into everything regarding childbirth and breastfeeding, she desired to share all of the information with others. Going on to deliver her last two babies naturally without an epidural, the strength she found empowered her. She knew that she wanted to help other mothers realize their own strength, standing with them through their own amazing journeys.

Tonya has a passion to assist moms, not only through the birth, but through the process of breastfeeding. This process can begin prior to birth, through education and preparation for the experience coming after baby is born.

As a doula, Tonya supports women and families in birthing their babies in the manner they desire. Whether moms choose an epidural, natural, cesarean section, her role is to stand by mom’s side and support, without leaving her side, offering constant care and encouragement. She values the husband or family members’ support and would never take their place during this intimate time. Tonya looks forward to creating a positive birthing memory that you will always remember and cherish.

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