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Women’s Health Specialists of St. Louis is an all female practice, since 2005 our mission is to provide top quality Care for the Total Woman. We blend services that help you uncover your peak wellness and beauty.

We offer a wide range of services from physicians and specially selected allied health providers including: hormone replacement therapy, skin care products and services, health & wellness coaching, and acupuncture.

Our Wellness Center offerings are designed so you can bring out your best self by caring for your total self. Call 314-292-7080 today to reserve your rejuvenation time.

My Best,
Dr. Teresa Knight, Founder & CEO

WHS in the News

  • Health Gift

    Health Gift

    Your good health is one of the best gifts you can give to someone you love. The impact of our health on those who love us is profound ~ it can either produce anxiety and fear or peace-of-mind and optimism. Your good health is a priceless gift and the benefits last far into the future.
  • Holiday hours for 2017

    WHS is closed;  December 25th, and January 1st. All other days we will be operating on our normal schedule.
  • Health Deposits

    Health Deposits

    Our physical health rests on a foundation built by our daily food choices. If you find yourself questioning spending more for high quality, whole foods, consider reframing your thoughts. View your food choices as deposits in your long-term health account.Think of the time you spend planning healthy meals and preparing them yourself as investments in
  • BP Revise

    BP Revise

    You’ve probably heard that the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association have issued new guidelines for blood pressure readings. Here's the update: 120/80 is the top level of normal (down from a past normal of 140/90) 121 - 129 systolic (top number) is defined as an “elevated" blood pressure Level 1 hypertension
  • The Four Pillars of Physical Fitness

    The Four Pillars of Physical Fitness

    Our bodies are designed to move. When family, work and life demands leave us exhausted on the couch, it’s probably not because we are moving too much in our day. Odds are, it’s because we are moving and sleeping too little and not effectively managing our stress. Here’s the big picture overview of the four
  • Eating fat doesn’t make us fat

    Eating fat doesn’t make us fat

    Eating fat doesn’t make us fat. Only imbalances between caloric expenditure and intake does that. But we need to pay attention to the type of fat we eat as it has a big impact on our health—especially our hearts and brains. It is important to note that all fats are 9 calories per gram—the most